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Ever fantasized about a threesome? Don't worry, you're not alone a lot of people have the same exact fantasy only they never live it out because they don't know where to look. Right now we have genuine swinger couples from Maidstone, Kent who want to live out their erotic fantasy of a threesome and are looking for single gents and single ladies to join them at their home or in a neutral place where they can enjoy and share you. If you live in Maidstone are male and would like to have some fun with a naughty couple then please crate a free account and just leave a short message about yourself, if possible leave a photo but it's not necessary Alternatively if you're a couples in Maidstone, Kent and you're looking for a single male, female or another couple with whom you can swap wives with then just be as descriptive as possible in your advert and we're sure you will get a great response from sex contacts all over Kent including Maidstone.

Swinging couples looking for a third person

Sexy Sue born 1980 from Maidstone - View Contacts Full Profile
If you think sex is a pain in the ass, well your doing it wrong lol. well, i am looking forward to have a sexy fun on bathroom, running water in our both ward boddies then warming each other... and that is great hayyyyyyy!lol. i dont want to put exactly wot he is , just be real and be yourself, honest and gentle but full of HOTness! lol. uhmm a gangbang! lol joke!. well he must control the action for me to be satisfied... make it hard baby!!.
Mary born 1972 from Maidstone - View Contacts Full Profile
hey say im too adventurous for a lady my age... mmmm... maybe.. i always wanted to stand out... to be recognized... for my presence to be felt.. i wanna walk w/ a crowd and be noticed. to me... beauty is more than what meets the eye
S born 1981 from Maidstone - View Contacts Full Profile
hi i hope to find a great sexy bloke on this website in a very short space of time. im in a relationship but want an extra plaything that my boyf will know about. im slim build dark haired and attractive. Please only message me if you have a photo.

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